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Some people say Wisla is quite a boring city – small, nothing interesting happening there and having not many places to visit. Apart from some ski jumping World Cup or Summer Grand Prix events of course. However, while you are already there, there are actually things you can do and places you can visit, which are also associated with sport and Adam Malysz, the most successful Polish ski jumper. So don’t let others fool you with stories of boredom! Go and check!

Adam Malysz’s trophies gallery

Adam Malysz’s trophies gallery in his hometown at 1 Maja 48 Street is probably the most important and interesting place to visit and a place I enjoy going to every time I am in Wisla. During his years-long career the legendary jumper won so many trophies that he was unable to fit them in his cellar any more. The gallery opened on 1st April 2007 was not an April Fools‘ Day joke! And you will be impressed! Cups, medals, including 4 Olympic Silvers, souvenirs, a collection of ski jumping equipment, four World Cup crystal trophies, jumping suits and even accreditations. The gallery is open from 10am till 5pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 10am till 3pm on Sundays after the season, and from 10am till 5pm all week during the season (holidays and summer). The entrance cost is 5zl and 3zl for students.

Tadeusz from Warsaw visited the gallery with his wife in August last year for the first time. “Adam Malysz collected a lot of trophies but we mostly liked the World Cup ones. They are the most valuable for us. It was our first visit here but a second one at a ski jumping event,” he said.

Katarzyna, Przemyslaw, Aleksandra and Piotr from Lubliniec added: “It’s very nice that something like that exists, to see something, which you cannot see on a daily basis.”

“The World Cup trophies are for me more important than any World Championships medals for example,” said Olga from Poznan. “I visited the gallery three times already. I was mostly impressed for the first time, but all the other times were as exciting. And because I’m a photographer I especially liked the massive accreditation collection.”

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“U Janeczki” coffee shop

After the museum visit a famous “U Janeczki” coffee shop at 1 Maja Street, just off the main promenade. Enjoy a bit of rest time, some coffee and most importantly so-called Ciastko Mistrza AM AM (translation: Champion’s Cake AM AM). The coffee shop has been specializing in cake and ice-cream deserts production for 30 years now and the above-mentioned cake was created 10 years ago in Malysz’s honour after his first big ski jumping success. It has got a banana taste, which reminds of the legendary story about Malysz’s key meal – a bread roll with banana. During jumper’s official farewell party “U Janeczki” enlarged the cake 300 times making it weigh 35kg, so that all guests could have a try. If you are too hot you can also try an ice-cream version of the dessert called Puchar Mistrza (translation: Champion’s Cup), which consists of banana ice-cream, whipped cream, toffee sauce and almonds.

u janeczki wisla

ciastko mistrza

puchar mistrza

Malysz’s chocolate statue

Just opposite the coffee place you will find Plac Hoffa (Hoffa Square) with its adjacent building Dom Zdrojowy. There on the ground floor you can take a look at Adam Malysz’s statue. However, it is not just an ordinary statue but a one made of white chocolate. The original figure was created by confectioners from RP Confectioners Association in 2001 as a “thank you” gesture for the Polish Star. The gift was not secured properly so it got slightly damaged by some enthusiastic fans. Now, renovated by Wedel company, safe and sound it decorates Dom Zdrojowy’s hall.

Ski museum

A place, which I have never had a chance to visit is the Ski Muzeum located at Wodna Street. It sounds definitely worth visiting if you are a fan of winter sports. An extensive collection of skis with some of them dating back to XIX century, Adam Malysz’s skis, on which he won Polish Championships, a collection of ethnographical equipment and pictures showing the history of skiing are among things you can see there. And all of that for free, all week from 10am till 4pm.

Olympian’s club restaurant

If you get hungry there are of course a couple of places where you can sate your appetite, but one of them is Klub Olimpijczyka (Olympian’s club) at Boleslawa Prusa Street. Existing since 1994 once an ordinary pizza restaurant, now it changed its cuisine and design to a more local one. I am aware that the place collects very little favourable opinions about its food and I have to say you can eat much better in some other places in Wisla, but just for a taste of the Olympic atmosphere and a bit of a sporty spirit it is worth visiting.

klub olimpijczyka 2

klub olimpijczyka

klub olimpijczyk 2

Adam Malysz’s hill

Finish your trip at Adam Malysz’s hill in Wisla Malinka. It is located quite far from Wisla’s city centre, but there are regular buses going to Malinka area from town. The hill was built in 1933 but thanks to Malysz’s success it was decided the facility needs to be renovated. The new hill was opened by the ski jumper on 27th September 2008 and since then hosts regular World Cup and Summer Grand Prix competitions. While you are there during the weekend it is possible to go to the top of the hill on a chairlift. The cost is 6zl, which is about £1. At the top enjoy the views, take some pictures and visit a coffee place, where you can also by some ski jumping souvenirs and take a look at pictures associated with this sport.

Wisla hill

wisla hill summer


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